Get the BELOVED STORIES style! 

Yay! Are you ready?? We are very happy to show you the BELOVED STORIES CLASSIC PRESET COLLECTION! The set includes a total of 8 high quality presets for your processing in Lightroom. Do you want to improve your look and impress your future clients? We worked on the collection for a few month together with some amazing photographers from our community and we are really proud! These presets create a warm, soft and natural look! Speed up your workflow and push your work to the next level! After your purchase you can directly download the zip file with the presets. Enjoy!

Instead of 79,00€ only 69,00 € 

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  • Before-Beloved Presets 1
    After-Beloved Presets 1
    Before Beloved Presets 1 After


  • Before-Beloved Presets 2
    After-Beloved Presets 2
    Before Beloved Presets 2 After


  • Before-Beloved Presets 3
    After-Beloved Presets 3
    Before Beloved Presets 3 After


  • Before-Beloved Presets 4
    After-Beloved Presets 4
    Before Beloved Presets 4 After


  • Before-Beloved Presets 5
    After-Beloved Presets 5
    Before Beloved Presets 5 After


  • Before-Beloved Presets 6
    After-Beloved Presets 6
    Before Beloved Presets 6 After


  • Before-Beloved Presets 7
    After-Beloved Presets 7
    Before Beloved Presets 7 After


  • Before-Beloved Presets 8
    After-Beloved Presets 8
    Before Beloved Presets 8 After


Photos by Maria und Linda, Carina Conrad, Daniela Marquardt, Tino Semmer!