Favourite BELOVED STORIES #28 out our FACEBOOK GROUP! Enjoy!

Danica Olivia

Johanna Loewen

Nicole Aston

Sandy Schuster

Mic Panic

Michael Schreiber

Eric Us

Nicole Thomson

Nadine Kunath

Kathleen Welker

Meltem Salb

McKenzie Mc Adams

Kathrin Krok

Geschichten von Simon

Maria und Linda

Kali Ponx

Carina Neuberth

Tim Schneider

Albert Soenarko

Judith Stoop Photography

Rangga Jamalludin Anwar

Inka Junge

Luis Tenza – Photography

hohmuth fotografie

You & Me fotografie


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November 24, 2017
Thank you SO MUCH for the shoutout! This is my first time being published so I am more than ecstatic! I have told all my friends and family and maybe shed a tear or two. THANK YOU THANK YOU! The link looks good, though my last name is spelled wrong (it happens all the time:P) it's Oliva not Olivia. But not too worry if it's too much trouble. THANKS AGAIN! :) Love seeing all the feedback on your platforms, it's really encouraging to have a community behind you :)