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Our main goal is to capture the connection between two people in love.
it’s all about inspiration, networking and sharing!
Julia and Gil founded Beloved Stories with the promise of creating a community of photographers and artists dedicated to showing love in a beautiful and honest way. Beloved Stories focuses on the single most important thing - love - and its connection to the people and places that tell love’s story. Artfully curated presets for photographers, local and international events and featuring members from our community continues to make us proud. Our spirit is in the hands of community. We learn and grow together - turning memories into stories worth telling over and over again. Falling in love every second of the way. We are Beloved Stories.
meet the team:
Julia & Gil
Luise Blumstengel
Kim Heck
Aida & Tim
We are Julia & Gil, photographers of people in love. We’ve been in business for 7 years and we are doing this worldwide. Our photos are all about capturing the connection between two people in love. Atmospheric, lively and honest.
I am Luise, 21 years young and passionate amateur photographer from Leipzig. Since buying my first camera 8 years ago, photography has been my daily companion. I love capturing moments and people with my lens as well as expressing feelings and thoughts. Photography is not just a hobby, it's my way of communicating, understanding and seeing.
We're specialized in genuine documentaries that show the special bond between you as well as the unique atmosphere of your wedding day and story. When you see your pictures, we want you to get goosebumps. We photograph peoples stories - wedding documentaries, elopement stories, honeymoon and engagement sessions as well couple sessions world wide. So tell us honestly what matters to you.
We love capturing adventurous elopements and intimate weddings in exotic locations around Europe. Based in Constance, Germany, we enjoy living close to the lake and the magnificent Swiss Alps. We feel at home when our feet are in the sand and when our hair is blowing in the wind on top of a mountain. If you too have a sense of wanderlust at your core, you are in the right place. We would love to get to know you better and embark upon an adventure together!
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