Autumn Walker is a 22 years old wedding photographer, located in the beautiful state of Utah. Thanks for taking the time and answering our questions Autumn! Love your photos!

    1. When and how did you start with Photography?

    I’ve done it for fun since I was 14, but I just got my camera exactly two years ago today with the intention of it being a fun hobby again. I never imagined this would be my life now, and it’s honestly such a dream!

    2. What inspires you the most?

    Honest, true, tangible love! The times I feel inspired and happiest are when I’m photographing couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves with me; where we’re laughing and having fun more than we’re getting a job done, and where they’re so in love you can feel it in every movement they make!

    3. What do you like to do, if you are not behind the camera?

    I love just hanging out with my best friends! Doing karaoke, cooking, watching movies or going to dance parties. We’re all pretty busy so sometimes it’s nice to just chill!

    4. Where was the best location you’ve been so far?

    One of my favorite places on earth is the Oregon coast. Every time I go there it takes my breath away and every beach is different! I think Cape Kiwanda is my favorite so far.

    5. Which equipment do you use mainly?

    Up until about two weeks ago I shot with a Canon 6D, but just recently upgraded to the 5D Mark IV. I almost never take off my sigma art 35mm, but I love my 85mm too!

    6. Do you have any tips to direct your couples how to pose?

    “Posing” isn’t something I love to do, but I’ll definitely give direction! I make sure my clients know right from the get go that I really want them to be themselves and don’t rely on me. I want them to feed off whatever feeling they have in that moment. Whether it’s quiet and still or laughing their head off. Movement is also really important to me! Sometimes I’ll have them run around or jump on each other or wrap themselves up in a knot. Movement always makes emotion!

    7. What is your favourite life quote?

    Cheesy as it sounds, just live in the moment! I realized that the times I’m getting the most discouraged is when I’m looking into the future or dwelling on the past. Breathe in and cherish every moment and make the most of it instead of worrying about what’s out of your control.

    8. What would you do now, if you hadn‘t become a photographer?

    I would definitely be dancing! I spent my whole life dancing until about a year ago, when photography came into full swing. I loved it with all my heart but it required a ton of time and hard work, and became impossible to balance both of them with work and school. So I guess you could say I gave up one dream to follow another. But don’t worry, I don’t regret a single day! I’m so grateful for both experiences in my life.


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