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Maria and Linda are wedding photographers based in Germany. Thanks for sharing this lovestory with us!

"We met Alda and Antonía on our last day in Iceland. We flew there for a wedding and desperately wanted do fit in a few shootings in this unbelievably beautiful country. During our stay we were already looking for couples via Instagram. We booked a shooting with a Japanese and Icelandic couple on our last day. To our luck they asked us when our plane was leaving, because they knew a couple that would love to shoot with us. Of course we said yes because… Helloo?! Iceland! Sunset! Amazing landscape!

So this is how we met Alda and Antonía. We squeezed in their super cool yet very tiny car and drove to a beautiful location near Rékjavík. During shootings we’re both behind the camera. Although most of the time on of us is talking their head of and the other is taking pictures. With the girls we rarely had to give directions so we chatted A LOT. It’s always important to us to come to know our couples, to talk a lot with them and reveal things about ourselves. It’s just how we are and it helps especially during shootings. Trust is incredibly important.

Coming to the end of the shooting, Iceland surprised us with an intense sunset. We rarely have any luck with our shootings in Germany and almost never a sunset. Also during our time in Iceland we never saw one. No need to mention that in that moment everything was perfect. We forgot everything – even that our plane was leaving soon why we left our shooting and drove to the airport like crazy people. Gave back the car, signed some weird forms, checked in at the airport, rushed to the gate and only just realized on the plane what had just happened.

We love the Photos and the girls who completely inspired us. Antonía is a photographer herself and Alda is building a business as a motivational speaker. A few days after our shooting they got married and soon will be moving to New York together. Guess where would love to travel to next… ;)"


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