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Sarah and Lukas- what a couple! These two are incredibly special - it's true love. They tied the knot a year ago and they are right at the beginning of their happy ever after. I met these lovebirds up on a hill in Salzburg and we had some good time together.

I’m a little "mountain-girl“ who loves the adventure. Nature inspires me a lot - I can’t live without this "alone-at-the-top-of-a-mountain“ moment - it keeps me inspired when I take this kind of "time off“. I love hanging out with unique people, because every person has that unique story to tell.

Real emotions, wild love and this feeling of being alive in combination with nature. That’s all I need. I want to tell the magical and incredible story of a couple, with all the good and bad times that let a relationship grow.

The best way to capture these emotions of a couple with my camera: be honestly interested in your couple. Let them be themselves - talk a lot with them and just have fun together. I believe that it is much easier to express feelings while being surrounded by nature,  no matter if we climb up the highest mountain or just sit in front of a bonfire. As long as people do what they love, they are relaxed and allow themselves to show emotions.

Moreover, it’s important to create a natural atmosphere so that the couple doesn’t even recognize that they are in the middle of a shoot. It’s not about taking a picture within no time - what makes a shoot unique is the situation and of course the people.



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