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Photography is about connecting with people.
not just on social media, but in real life!
Networking plays a big role in helping you grow as a human, business owner and photographer. So, allow us to introduce: THE BELOVED STORIES DATES! We will explore, chat and take some photos. Just a relaxed time with photography and nice people. It's for free! Bring your camera, a smile and just be open-minded.

Everyone can organize a date, it's easy! Just join our Facebook Group, click on Events and create your own. It's important that you create the event inside the group, so that the community sees it. There are no rules for a Beloved Stories Date. It can be a relaxed coffee date, a photoshoot at the beach or just dinner together. It's all about sharing and connecting with like-minded people in your local area.

Join our Facebook Group and create a new Event. It's easy.