Christine is a wedding photographer and the girl behind For Love & Light Photography. Thanks for taking the time and answering our questions!


    1. When and how did you start with Photography?
    In high school, I was always known as the girl who carried a point and shoot camera around. I took pictures of friends and uploaded them on an online gallery for viewing and sharing. It sparked enough interest that I saved up all the money I earned from a summer job for my first Canon Rebel xsi. (That was a big deal when I was 16 haha!) Since then, I’ve just shot just about everything from fashion, families, holiday company parties, to even first birthday parties. But the moment I started shooting couples, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do and have never looked back since then.

    2. What inspires you the most?
    My couples & their love. Everyone shows their love for each other in their own unique way so getting to capture that on camera and share their love has always made my heart feel so full.

    3. What do you like to do, if you are not behind the camera?
    I’m a serious homebody so I love spending my free time cuddling with the pups and watching re-runs of The Office! Ha!

    4. Where was the best location you’ve been so far?
    Yosemite National Park. This place left me breathless and in awe that we live in such a beautiful world.

    5. Which equipment do you use mainly?
    Canon 5D Mark IV, 35mm, 50mm

    6. Do you have any tips to direct your couples how to pose?
    Almost 99% of the time, I meet my couples for coffee or lunch before their shoot just to hang out and get to know each other. So that by the time we meet up for their shoot, they feel more comfortable and it feels like we’re all just hanging out again. I like to start off with simple directions and then let my couples do their own thing. While shooting, I tend to be very enthusiastic and encouraging. I give feedback like “YASSS” & “OMG DON’T STOP”… not because I’m forcing it at all, but it really gets me that excited!

    7. What is your favourite life quote?
    I thought long and hard on this one, but seriously it’s “just f’en do it”. Life’s too short to worry about the what if’s so my motto has always been to just go for it!

    8. What would you do now, if you hadn‘t become a photographer?
    I think I’d probably still be somewhere in the creative field whether it be graphic design or fashion, but the idea of giving back to the world whether it be teaching English in a foreign country or building a community sounds amazing. One day!



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