Taylor Jarman is a wedding photographer based in Utah. Thanks for taking the time and answering our questions!

    1. When and how did you start with Photography?

    I got my first camera when I was in high school. I took pictures of everything and nothing—it was fun for me to document my high school experience that way. It was something that, for whatever reason, really brought me happiness. I documented and documented and documented as the years went on. I photographed my travels, my friends, my every day life. Last year, in about May, I realized I could make my hobby my job and so I entered the world of couples photography. I did a few shoots here and there, but didn’t really dive in until late Fall of 2016.

    2. What inspires you the most?

    I go into each shoot without specific inspiration. This allows each couple’s chemistry and interaction do the inspiring, which I feel is the only thing that should be! I like to get a feel for each couple and let their energy drive the shoot in the right direction. This makes shoots personal and unique, which keeps me on my toes! But, without fail, the photographs tend to show off each couple’s distinct connection.

    3. What do you like to do, if you are not behind the camera?

    When I’m not behind the camera, I’m likely cuddling or hiking with my dogs and husband, supporting survivors of sexual violence through my non-profit Honey, doing homework, reading Glennon Doyle Melton, or hanging in a hammock with my husband somewhere up a canyon.

    4. Where was the best location you’ve been so far?

    Before I was shooting couples seriously, my husband and I went to Iceland and drove the entire country in 7 days, camping along the way. That country, in its entirety, is easily the most beautiful location I’ve ever seen. I think it’ll be a lifelong pursuit to find a place more breathtaking (and I’m not yet convinced it’s possible).

    5. Which equipment do you use mainly?

     I shoot with a Canon 5d Mk III and I switch between the Sigma 35mm f1.4 and the Canon 50mm f1.2.

    6. Do you have any tips to direct your couples how to pose?

     I don’t pose my couples, but rather lead them in the right direction. For example, I’ll have them play charades, or surprise attack one another, just to get some raw, honest movement happening. My biggest motivation lately has been movement, so I have been experimenting with ways to provoke that in my clients in a non-artificial, non-stressful way.

    7. What is your favourite life quote?

    There are many quotes I lean on personally (many of which are from Rupi Kaur, Audre Lorde, Rumi, and Glennon Doyle Melton), but one quote that truly leads me in my everyday life is: “Live and let live.” There are few things more important than allowing others to make their own decisions (while always remembering we each have the responsibility to look out for one another).

    8. What would you do now, if you hadn‘t become a photographer?

    I’m not entirely sure, since I’m a full-time college student right now. So, I guess I imagine I’d be doing a lot more homework 😉

    Who is your role model?

     My two biggest role models are my husband, Price, and my best friend and non-profit co-founder, Taylor Rippy Monson. These two, together and separate, teach me and inspire me on a daily basis. I’ve never been supported or loved so perfectly than I have by them.


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