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Chris and Ed in South Africa

"This is a real love story and one of our favorite shoots of all time. We got to know Chris and Ed via Instagram, our favorite marketing tool to get noticed in the world. They are both living in Cape Town, our home base for the european winter. Some days before the shoot we met them in a Cafe to discuss what we wanna do and talk about really good Croissant. They both are addicted to Croissants. Usually we’re not used to shoot in the streets but these two happily married souls gave us a great feeling from the first second. We felt this urban vibe inside of them and could bear to try something new.

Cape Town is such a spectacular city. Lot’s of beaches, the table mountain and gorgeous light. The sunsets are ridiculously amazing. We decided to grow our portfolio with an urban city shoot in the streets of Woodstock, a part of Cape Town that reminds us on Brooklyn. Colorful concrete walls, graffiti and nice structures all around the place. We were looking for a roof top but didn’t want to pay money for a permit or rental place. That’s why we went for the roof of the parking lot next to Ed’s work. A really nice spot to start the shoot with Chris and Ed. It’s their fourth year of marriage and they seem to be in love like it was the first day.

They both absolutely share the same vision as we do, so it was easy for them to find the right outfit according to our styling recommendations. We’re really crazy about the clothes and styling. They should match the rest of the shoot and underline the atmosphere that we want to create. It’s a like song, a good composition. We prefer earthy colors or black and white. Simple and unobtrusive, because harmony is one of the words that describes the style of our photography.

Also we like to tell stories, created through real emotions and wonderful moments between the couple. Sometimes we also prepare a little playlist on our smartphone that supports the atmosphere that we want to create. It’s a great tool to get the couple into the right mood. Our pictures are supposed to let you feel the moment before and after the photo.

We always like to think of it as a cinemagraph that keeps going on in your head. Really important for the filming part as well. We let our couples dance, run and kiss to create movement and varieties. Tell them to kiss their favorite part of the face, except from the lips. We also like to include cars on the side of the road or other objects to make it more interesting.

On her Canon 5D Mark III Farina always rates images that turn out great and once in a while shows them to the couple, to give them a direct feedback. Not only with word but also with results. It gives them a secure feeling and strengthens their self-confidence. We have been in front of the camera ourselves a dozen times and just know that saying and seeing nothing really creates insecurity and decreases the couples motivation."


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