Get the KATHRIN & SIMON style! 

    Whoop! This is our new KATHRIN & SIMON MOODY PRESET COLLECTION! This set includes 8 high quality presets for Lightroom. Let´s face it, we can´t have beautiful sunset light during the whole day, can we? From time to time we will have to shoot in midday sun or difficult lowlight situations. That’s why we created a preset collection that makes it easy to achieve a consistent look in every light situation. We aimed for healthy and natural skintones and a beautiful harmonious color range that underlines the beauty of any given scenario without distorting the colors too much. Just making everything a little more beautiful than it is! After your purchase you can directly download the zip file with the presets. Enjoy!

    Instead of 79,00€ only 69,00 € 

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    K&S COLOR #1 Classic

    K&S COLOR #2 Soft Fade

    K&S COLOR #3 Warm Fade

    K&S COLOR #4 Contrast

    K&S COLOR #5 Soft

    K&S BW #1 Classic

    K&S BW #2 Contrast

    K&S BW #3 Fade

    Photos by Barbara SchmidEmma Johnson, For Love & Light, Cassie Trottier, Kai Villanueva, Julia Eileen.