Get the RETRO style! 

    Do you love warm and well balanced retro tones? This is our new Barefoot Retro Collection by Kim Heck for Lightroom and Photoshop! Your pictures will get a strong, earthy and moody look. Furthermore you can use them for your love shots of any condition. Whether you shot indoor, outdoor, in sunny moments or whilst cloudy days – by tweaking the exposure and withe balance you’ll get a great result. The collection counts one black and white preset that I’d recommend using for details, close up’s and pictures with strong contrast. Besides you can find 7 color presets with mostly warm tones. They will all give skin tones an amazing glance and support them very well. After your purchase you can directly download the zip file with the presets. Enjoy!

    Pack Price: 49€ (plus VAT)

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    • 8 Lightroom Presets
    • 8 Photoshop Presets (Camera RAW)


    F L A T tones special

    N A T U R A L tales

    R E D darks, pink x cold

    R E T R O warm

    S P E C I A L retro

    S T R O N G tones

    Y E L L O W I S H 

    black & white

    Photos by Barbara SchmidtKai Villanueva, Hailey Pierce, Jacy Hermes.