Our friend Serafin Castillo is an amazing wedding photographer from Spain! Enjoy!

    When and how did you start with photography?
    I started with photos when I was studying in the College of Art. My parents gave me my first camera and I loved to spend the whole day  making photos about all landscapes, portraits, details. Seven years ago I started in the College of Art and since five years ago I am a professional wedding photographer although my first two seasons were not busy , I had just 5 weddings a year.  I always tell my clients that my first memory of photography was when I took photos of my first love, the love of my live in that time, with disposables cameras. Nowadays it could sound a bit crazy, I know.

    What Inspires you the most?
    I know I am a lucky man, because all kind of things inspired me, an old woman sat in the down center of my town, cinema, electronic music, the color that I chose for my process is because i saw a amazing video clip from the dj Diplo or the last film i saw in a cinema was La la Land and i was really excited shooting pictures with the phone to the film.

    What do you like to do , if you are not behind the camera?
    I always try to find a time to don`t think in photography or business and i found that time in a sport, cross fit. When i’m in cross fit I don´t think in nothing and for me is a big feeling.

    Where was the best location you’ve been so far?
    Because of my work as a wedding photographer I am visiting amazing places. I could not choose a better place, maybe the mountains of Argentine, Goonies´s beach or an empty island in the middle of the Atlantic. This year I am really excited because I will be in Peru shooting weddings and one of them in a town down of Machupichu, Cuzco. I’m starting to be really nervous jet.

    Wich equipment do you use mainly?
    Since I got a scholarship in the College of Art I always make photos with canon, I like the colors. I use two cameras 6D with fixed lenses. Now I have 24 sigma and 50 Sigma. In the school I learnt that if you want something to come close you don´t have to use tele lens. Usually I bring a polaroid to wedding celebrations and I love to give the couple one of these photos.

    Do you have any tips to direct your couples how to pose?
    Yes, I always runaway from poses  although sometimes I like to set the couple in a landscape or in a really cool place. My tip for couples is to play, run, embrace each other, make them laugh, and every crazy thing you can imagine in a few minutes! I am a person who finds in craziness or chaotic moments some kind of charm.

    What is your favorite lifequote?
    I have to be honest, I dont like this kind of expressions, above all one in my community (Andalucía), really rude, if I translate it literally it means something like “each dog bit its tail”, I mean every person has to know what is making because nobody is gonna help him/her. There is one I like about job , “Work hard and get your idols being your colleagues”.

    What would you do now if you hadn´t become a photographer?
    I studied in the university to be a children teacher and all my Works were about it, about teaching!


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