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"Photography is a way for me to connect emotion with the beauty of the surroundings. When I am able to bring out the love and true nature of ones relationship it fills the atmosphere with this incredible feeling of joy, and love and laughter and to be honest I live vicariously through these couples. I want to feel what they are feeling and if I can feel that through my camera lens I know that when they see their photos they will see how truly in love they are."

I moved to Oregon a few years ago from the Southwest. When I found this dress I knew I had to find those majestic rocks and Canyons I had grown up with. A favorite florist of mine was eager to participate and created a beautiful bouquet that reflected the natural wild beauty of the landscape while still being romantic and colorful. Emily and Joshua reached out to me and wanted to participate in our Smith Rock excursion. They met in college and in Arizona and were so fun and enjoyed taking the time to celebrate each other! The beauty of the surroundings lent itself to a romantic, fun and dare I say a little steamy at Smith Rock that day.

Pictures by Laurie Wicker

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Nikon D750, Sigma Art 35 1.4

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