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"For years I searched and searched for a career or direction to take my life in & everything always fell short of my expectations. I never felt like I quite fit into the medical field (always have been geared towards that), but the second I picked up a camera and went on my first free shoot with my best friend and her boyfriend - I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am such a mushy, hopeless romantic and there is something so beautiful about getting to stop time for just a short while to encourage people to slow down and form real connection with each other. We live in such a busy, hustle-mindset type world that i really feel as if my work is making a difference in helping my clients to slow down and appreciate small moments with the most important people. Photography creates connection. It allows for the appreciation of small moments. I spent years hustling and bustling and worrying about such minuscule things - now I get behind a camera and the world stops for a little while for me. And now I get to gift that to other people."

I had the sweetest couple reach out to me last minute for an engagement session. Fall is so crazy for me (sweet chaos of busy season), but I had this feeling in my gut that I really needed to make time for this couple. It did not disappoint at all. Not only were they up for a sunrise shoot at 7am (on a SUNDAY. such troopers. I brought coffee for everyone because it\’s always a rough wakeup & I had a wedding the day prior) but they immediately got comfortable with sharing their love in front of me which was literally melted my heart. I take pride in putting my clients into positions to capture the most intimate moments specific to each couple – I’ll refer to it as being “anti-prom pose” – some people are better with the crazy, running through a field, or piggy back rides – but we had so many beautiful captures with sweet touches, slow kisses & giggles from these two. I get constantly reminded love looks different on everyone & am never ceased to be amazed after each and every hour spent with my wonderful couples.

Pictures by Maura Dunbar


Location: Bells Mill Park, Chesapeake, Virginia

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV and a sigma 35mm 1.4

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