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"We love photography because it's not about the couple and it’s not about the photographer, it's about, what happens in between. On the photos we never only have the emotions of the couple, we always see the language and the personality of the photographer and the mood that was created by the moment, no matter if it’s about action, emotion or a sensual moment. For us it's a beautiful way to get in touch with wonderful souls and to share our time with people in a very creative way."

It was a damn cold and windy day. We always try to create a warm and cozy mood, so that day in Coney Island was kind of a challenge. But there was just this one chance to shoot the beautiful Nicole & Edward. We would never had thought that the results and the experience will be that amazing! We met them in the later afternoon and from the beginning on we had such a nice time. There was way more of talking time, than shooting time. We knew that Edward is a Broadway violinist and so we asked him to bring any kind of violin (old, broken, no matter). Edward didn’t even thought about to bring JUST ANY VIOLIN, he brought his 30.000$ “black violin”. Amazing! We never try to shoot with this strange kind of “north face” jackets, and after we shared the idea of the first location they directly took off their jackets and immediately there was this crazy mood. Cold and windy on the one hand side and romantic, emotional and warm on the other. We are very happy about the results, but way more happy about the fact that we met Edward & Nicole!

Pictures by Take a Pick (Matthias & Franzi Pick)

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Canon 5D MK4 & 35mm Sigma Art

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