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We’re all photographers but we’re all of a different kind. If you are super structured, you may have packed your back for the next wedding right after the last, so you are always 100% prepared. If you are more of a clumsy type, you’ll collect your stuff at 1 p.m. dressed in your pyjama right before you travel to dreamland. No matter to which type you feel connected, in the end it’s just about how amazing you are and how unforgettable the photos are going to be.

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"It’s absolutely worth to think about important stuff that is not photographer equipment-related."

If you have collected all your stuff for a fancy pancy insta story picture you may recognize that the post is all about equipment. But let me tell you this: But let me tell you this: It’s absolutely worth to think about important stuff that is not photographer equipment-related. There are a lot of things that should get a ticket for a ride in your camera bag. To poke your mind for a first thought I’ll show you five items that are good for to have in your camera bag.

Phil Chester & Photographic Style
Phil Chester & Photographic Style

Rain cape

Sometimes, when you scroll through the results of the last wedding, and you are like super duper overwhelmed, you may feel like a super hero. And somebody once said, a real super hero wears a cape.

Sometimes you can’t avoid rain on a wedding day. Even if you could buy everything, you can’t buy the sun!

So you may think about to be always prepared with a rain cape in your camera bag. There are lots of smart ones that can be wrapped to a tiny little package that fits in the smallest corner of your bag. You may not look like the smartest person, but you will, when everyone else is wet!


It is probably the most obvious thing, but also the most important one. Water! Have a bottle of water with you. Always, everywhere and ALWAYS! There are so many beautiful and great water bottles, which are cool and environmental friendly! I repeat: HAVE WATER WITH YOU! You do a crazy demanding job, so thank your body with something to drink.

Medi Kit

Sometimes it feels just like you’re packing a bag for a pathfinders camp. But it’s a fact that this job can be crazy exhausting. And even if you are at the bottom level of energy, or you are sick, you need to work… work… work… you know that Rihanna song? It’s true!

So have a tiny little bag with all the medics you may need, or maybe even the bride would need. And jeez, wouldn’t it be crazy cool to be the super hero again to help out with a painkiller or a plaster.

Try to think about what you need. I would recommend the following things:

Painkillers (maybe two types), plaster, something for allergic incidents, nose spray, something for the unlikely event of diarrhea, something for to regulate your circulation. Dr. Photodude!

Sun screen

You remember, when I told you to bring a rain cape. Bring sunscreen! Level 50 is gorgeous! There is nothing worse than sunscreenfingerprints on the camera lense, right? No! There is! Heavy sunburn is worse!


Wedding is all about food. But sometimes you have a crazy damn long day, you’re working like a super hero, but still you’re only a human being and breakfast is also a while ago! Have something in your bag to help your body: banana, protein bar, dextrose. You know your body. You know what you like. If it’s a snickers that brings you back to super power: Have it in your bag!

You’re not only working with the bridal couple, you’re also working with your body. And I’m sorry to say, but most of us are no super heroes. So be prepared. And if you had 100 weddings without a tiny drop of rain, you will be happy to be prepared if the 101st is a wet mess!


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