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"What I really love about photography is the fact that it's fairly simple to become good at, but incredibly hard to master. There are so many aspects to it and one can always find ways to improve in certain areas. And with every shoot you complete, with every picture you take, with every situation you are confronted with, you become better at what you do. This keeps me motivated for years already and hopefully for many more years to come."
One of my biggest passions next to photography is traveling the world with my family. Some time before Covid became a thing, we did a road trip through South Africa, starting in Cape Town. Having seen some pictures online of Signal Hill earlier on, with its gorgeous sunsets and beautiful view over the city, I knew I just HAD to shoot a couple there. I got in touch with Rochelle & Dexter, asking them whether they would be interested and things just clicked from the very beginning. Few days later and we met for some Golden Hour deliciousness. These two were real naturals in front of the camera and hardly needed any directions, which made it super easy to get some nice shots. Plus, that light was pure magic. Looking back at these pictures now, I appreciate the freedom we had in the past even more. And I\’m so looking forward to travel to other amazing places and getting to know more lovely people to shoot with, once this whole pandemic is over. Until then, we have our memories. And pictures to hold on to, right?

Pictures by Thomas Oberascher


Location: Signal Hill, Cape Town

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 35mm 1.4L II, Canon 50mm 1.2L

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