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"I love photography for its beautiful ability to bring people together... whether it’s with people within this community or your amazing clients. It’s a time that connects you and allows you to capture moments that will last a lifetime. I love that photography is forever evolving and we can continue to grow throughout our journeys."

Brittney Saulque and I set out on this little passion project to create something that we loved… we rented our first reclamation dress and found the most amazing couple to go adventuring with. We stayed local and just wanted to enjoy some creative bonding time , while exploring our home town. It truly was a beautiful evening of doing what we love, with amazing people and taking a little time to rejuvenate. So grateful for these moments and this wonderful journey!

Pictures by Christin Mortimore

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark iv Sigma 35mm

Location: Apple Valley, Ca

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Laura + Donny
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