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"I love photography because of how creative, beautiful and unique it is... it’s personal to each photographers vision and there is no limit on what you can do or how much you can grow.. I love that with a click of a button, you freeze a moment that will last a lifetime."

After my initial meeting with Kelcie and Tyler, I instantly knew that this sweet couple needed an engagement session that would capture their extraordinary love. We set off to Lake Elsinore in hopes of catching the Southern California super bloom. Once we realized that we would not be able to reach the poppies, we found a mountain side rich with wild flowers, beautiful views and all of the fairytale feels. As we walked up the trail, taking pause to capture their most natural tendency’s and raw moments, we came across a plateau with the most gorgeous view of the valley below. With a few twirls, soft kisses and dreamy stares, it felt like a real life fairytale… Kelcie and Tyler have the kind of chemistry that people write about… they are not only in love, but cherish each other in the most magical way.

Pictures by Christin Mortimore

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Gear: Canon 5d IV & Sigma 85mm

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