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"Words sometimes don't do it for me to convey an emotion, especially as English isn't my first language. Photos though, always do. I'm a romantic at heart, a people pleaser and a good observant: three characteristics that I think serve me well as a couple photographer."
The team composed of the wedding planner, the florist and myself are all from Brooklyn and are passionate about equal rights. So when we planned this, we really wanted to 1 showcase our neighborhood in the most authentic way, and 2 be as inclusive as possible. Our graphic designer introduced us to Naomi and Klaire, and right away, it was a match! Their quirky vibe matched ours, and it was the perfect opportunity to both feature urban vibes and represent the LGBTQ community. Naomi and Klaire are fun as hell and I wanted to take pictures that would convey that – hence Naomi’s rad skateboard photos and us crashing the neighborhood laundromat.

Pictures by Lucie B. Photo

Location: New York City, Brooklyn

Gear: Canon EOS R6, Sigma 35mm 1.4

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