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"The unexplainable chemistry that photography creates between the shooter and the subject. We are always so fascinated when we can capture people's emotions, even if we don't necessarily know them for a long time. That bond should never be taken for granted. We think we shouldn't see ourselves only as 'photographers' as those who are able to 'know how to use a camera etc'. Our first goal is to make people feel comfortable, creating a safe environment (both psychological and physical) for them."
It all started when we met Chiara and Nicola, two incredibly fun and humble people (they’re also a couple of talented influencers!) We knew those landscapes would have been the perfect scenario for such a story. Being wedding photographers in Italy reminds us how lucky we are having the chance to reach all these one-of-a-kind places, meeting amazing human beings coming from all over the world. There’s always something mind-blowing to capture! (Plus, it is just incredible how the beauty of Tuscany hit our heart every time, no matter how often you come here) Spending together this adventure has been a priceless experience made of the loudest laughs as well as the sweetest tears. It’s clear that Chiara and Nico share a unique kind of complicity and connection; we saw them living to the fullest even the smallest moments throughout the whole journey.

Pictures by Nico and Vinx

Instagram & Website

Gear: 4 x Canon Mark 3 Lens: 2x 85 / 50 / 35 / 24

Location: Tuscany, Italy


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