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"I love photography because theres always a story to be told and there are so many ways in which to tell the story."

These two beautiful humans were celebrating their 4 year wedding anniversary whilst also shooting a bunch of weddings up in Scotland so they took a day out and ventured to Glencoe where we spent some time together shooting. We’ve known Eleanor & Nathan through instagram for over a year now so it was so lovely to finally meet them in person and get to know them properly. It was also just so amazing getting to spend some more time in the Scottish Highlands whilst the seasons are changing. Since moving up to Scotland it’s been incredible just watching places like Glencoe go from an almost neon green (with blue mountains) to a hint of orange, to a Crispy brown, to a crunchy white, to a cool yellow and back to a neon green. I find it so fascinating and it’s even more special when we get to experience it with wonderful people.

Pictures by Joanna Gull

Instagram  & Website

Location: Glencoe, Scotland

Gear: Nikon D750 & Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART

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