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"Wedding photography is such a wonderful occasion to storytell about the most intimate and happiest moments of a human's life. We love to be surrounded by emotion, smiles, laughs and intimate feelings ."

An unexpected-weathered romantic moody May elopement on the beach Edgar Rice Burroughs once said “it is strange how new and unexpected conditions bring out unguessed ability to meet them”. When we planned for this photoshoot with Francesca and Mario, in collaboration with an amazing team of professionals, we did not think about the unexpected. We have everything planned out: we would have taken this amazingly in love passionate young couple to the beach near Rome on an early morning of a Sunday spring and we would have taken the most beautiful pictures in the softest lights just before sunrise. We were inspired by the new season kicking in, bringing with itself the reflorishing and awakening of the natural world. Also, we looked at the beauty of the shore and decided to bring this wild yet very romantic almost boho-felt elopement to our photographs. And then, while getting to the location at 6 am, a strong and cold wind welcomed us, together with a short but powerful rain. The awful weather of May did not frighten us, the thousands of blue and brown hues from the sky and sand surrounding us got us even more inspired and emotional: this elopement became the most beautiful moody ceremony we’ve seen. Francesca’s beautiful dress from The Woman in White’s atelier, by the incredibly talented Betty Tran was an explosion of layers and femininity: it created movement like the waves of the sea while she was walking on Mario’s arm, both barefoot in the sand. The flowers that decorated the tulle skirt were in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Holding his girl tight in his arms, with the haze getting thicker and thicker in the background made everything just perfect. The beautiful bouquet was rich in pampas, dalians and dried flowers inspired by the sea, the dunes and the rural landscape. Just like the bride’s bouquet, the mise en place and the flower arrangements recalled the same blue, cerulean and ultramarine hues with several different textures that matched softly. Even if huge black clouds almost chased us away, the new and unexpected – weather – conditions brought out bold glances and deep emotions between Francesca and Mario, emotions which we were lucky, as always, to witness.

Pictures by Lovebirds Photo – Silvia Poropat and Rita Foldi

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Gear: Nikon D750 & Nikon D810

Location: Italy

— Pictures by Lovebirds Photo
This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Wedding Planner
Eleonora Panetta
Francesca Sica
Wedding Dress Boutique
The Woman in White
Makeup and Hairstyle
Sara Onori
Mario Nieddu
Calligraphy & Stationery
Allegra Calligrafia
Event Flower VdF
Wedding Dress Designer
Betty Tran
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