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"When I started with photography, I just wanted to take beautiful photos. The more and more couples I had in front of my lens, the more the feelings of the couples slipped into my focus. I wanted to capture their deep feelings and intimate connections. I simply love it to make feelings and emotions become visible with my work. These moments during a photoshoot are always so electrifying and I am so grateful every time to be part of it for a short moment."

When I saw this location for the first time, it directly reminded me of Tuscany. The wide view, the cypresses, absolutely breathtaking. But I was still in the middle of Germany. I immediately felt that I absolutely had to shoot here. So together with Michelle and Sebastian it finally worked out. On a rather cloudy day in November and some drizzle we had a great time together and felt some Tuscany vibes during a picnic with grapes, cheese and wine.

Pictures by Laura Seitz

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Location: Bad Dürkheim, Germany

Gear: Sony A7III, Sigma Art 35 mm

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