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"Photography is a true source of happyness for me. It allows me to whitness true love and tenderness on a daily basis. With photography, I can show my clients how beautiful they truly are and give them images that have a meaning and are charged with emotions. Seeing their excitment when they rcieve the photos always makes my heart explode with gratitude!"

When I met Léa and Elie for our first meeting, we talked about their story and what they love in life. We quickly came to talk about the year they lived in Scotland together. It was for them a really important time of their life. They told me how much they loved this country and I asked them more and more about it because going to Scotland was a dream of mine for years. They told me they were planning their honeymoon there and suddenly I said “Hey, what about I come with you and we do a photo session there?” I let you guess theire reaction, they were simply thrilled! So here it was, I took my tickets and jumped on a plane to Scotland with them the day after their wedding! They wanted to take photos in a beautiful highland landscape, so Glencoe was the evident spot. We drove there on our first day, Our eyes not really believing the beauty around us. They found this beautiful spot next to the road with a beautiful watherfall and a nice hike to do. We got so lucky to slip between the drop and get a few rays of sun just for the time of the session. I litterally spent the whole time screaming of excitment. It was just so perfect! Them, the place, the weather. The wind made this whole scenary so more epic! I’m so proud to have given them images that mean so much to them! This was the best session I’ve even done and will remember it for ever.

Pictures by Sidonie Vidal

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Gear: Sony A7iii & a 35mm 1.4 sigma art

Location: Glencoe Vallay in Scotland

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