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"I absolutely love getting to capture love stories. I am constantly reminded that there is someone for EVERYONE. It's amazing to witness two people coming together and being so perfectly matched. Capturing their joy and handing it back to them in a tangible form is truly the best thing!! Then add traveling on top of that and WOW I honestly couldn't think of a more fun 'job' ever."

Dan and Emily are the most adventurous couple and when they reached out to me to shoot their Sedona elopement, I knew it was going to be a freaking blast! In the height of covid, they decided that an elopement would be their best option to get married and I’m so glad they ran with that idea. I hopped in their orange Jeep Wrangler after meeting in a parking lot and we took the bumpy ride off-roading to the secret spot. I truly had no idea where we were going but Emily knew exactly where she wanted to go. AND HOLY MOLY that spot was stunning. They twirled and laughed and cried on the edge of that cliff and I cried behind the camera. They are on fire for life and for Jesus and their joy was such a blast to witness. I will never forget that day on the cliffside!

Pictures by Imagery By Olivia

Location: Arizona

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV; 35mm, 24-70mm

Love Stories

Snowy Durango Elopement by Evie Joy Photography

Love Stories

Lovers In Cape Town City by Dillon Kin Photography