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"Photography shows beauty. The beauty of an individual. The beauty of two individuals being in love. My goal is to show that beauty. The beauty of belonging, the beauty of loving."

My friend and I were in Miami for a wedding and decided, that we wanted to to a shoot at Miami Beach. Luckily my husband knew someone from this area and we asked them if we can take some pictures of them. Just minutes before the shoot there was a thunderstorm in Miami. But the couple was already on their way, so we decided to do it no matter what. Prepared to shoot in the rain, the couple arrived. And then it cleared up. Even the sun decided to show up during the shoot. What a dream this shoot has been. Miami, you\’re a gem. and so are Nicole & Alex.

Pictures by Elisabeth Strack

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Gear: Canon EOS 6D & Sigmar Art 35mm 1.4

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

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