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"I love how photography connects me with not only people but also with nature and breathtaking places."
When my friend told me her parents bought an old Italian Vespa to lend it to weddings and other events, I immediately thought about doing a little Italy inspired styled shoot. So we did and started to plan right after. Our goal was to make people believe we literally were in Italy. We wanted to give them all the Tuscany vibes. Luckily, I already live in a vineyard region, so the perfect spot was right in front of us. What I loved most about the setting was the tiny little details. We had so many handmade things like for example the wine holder or even the pillows made with macramé. It was filled with so much love. We even brought self-made focaccia and I spontaneously decided to make a wedding cake. We ended the evening by visiting a little catholic chapel to take some pictures. It was perfect, and it really felt like an evening in Italy.

Pictures by Teresa Hirschel

Location: Germany

Gear: Sony Alpha 7III; Sigma Art  35mm 1.4

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