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"I love photography because by nature I am a very emotional person. When I take photos of two people who really love each other, I feel like I am allowed into their relationship for this brief moment in time. Everytime, this just really fills me up with so much excitement, gratitude and joy. I feel that since becoming a photographer I have witnessed so many different (but always intense) emotional moments that certainly, photography has made me a more loving and a much wiser person."
There was no other idea behind this shoot than behind any other, it just happened that this one became so special. I had always been open about working with a homosexual couple, but somehow the opportunity never presented itself. When I went to Seville for vacation, I scrolled through Instagram to find a couple that would be open to join me in a photo shoot while I was there. When I discovered David’s latest post with his boyfriend Carlos, I let go of any other couple that I had spotted on the platform, because I wanted them and only them. They looked so blissfully in love that I knew I had to take their pictures. I even told my friend, who was with me, that I already knew that if I ever met them, I would love them. As we met on top of Metropol Parasol in the city center, this inkling turned out to be true. I had the most magical shoot with the sweetest boys you could ever imagine and I am so proud – not only because I really like how the photos turned out – but especially that with publishing them I am raising my voice in what I feel is one of the most important debates of our time. Love is love and I am so into that.

Pictures by Johanna Krause

Website & Instagram

Gear: Sony alpha 7iii, Sony 28mm 2.0

Location: Las Setas (Metropol Parasol), Sevilla

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