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"I want to make everything around me beautiful. I want other people to see all the beauty I find in the world. Photography is my way of capturing that and letting other people in on all the wonders we can find. Photography is my way of embracing my creativity to the fullest. Documenting love, to me, is sacred."

Aili and Marcus had originally planned a beautiful big wedding but because of Corona, they decided to keep it small and intimate. Which is more their style. So they decided to elope. Aili is from Vietnam and Marcus is from Sweden. The three of us took the ferry to this small island in Stockholm\’s archipelago called Landsort. We spent an entire weekend together, laughing, talking and exploring. It’s about 20 people living there, so the silence and solitude was very close. We instantly became best friends and these photos are a testimony of how beautiful love itself can be. When love is all there is, you already have more than enough. The day after their parents came and the seven of us witnessed a beautiful marriage up in the lighthouse on the island. It’ll be a memory all three of us will remember forever.

Pictures by Erika Linnea Persson

Instagram  & Website

Location: Landsort Island, Stockholm

Gear: House: Camera 5D mark iii, Lenses: Canon 50/1,2 / Sigma art 24/70/2.8

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