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"Each couple is so unique and my love for photography starts with capturing each couple's journey and their love."
My idea behind this shoot is to capture this couple’s love, their story is just so beautiful one that is so rare to find: I reached out to @simranssamra to write this beautiful story of her grandparents for my caption! “My grandparents names are Singhara & Jasbir Sidhu (he calls her Jassy or Jazzy-b for short). They met when they were 15, got married and lived separately until they were 19. They’ve been together for 55 years since then and have three happily married kids & 9 grandkids. My grandpa is madly in love with my grandma; he cherishes her. They do everything together: cooking, cleaning, going for walks, decorating their bedroom. If she’s making roti, he’s cutting the salad. If she’s washing the dishes, he’s helping her dry them. Their ideal date is a walk around Costco and Tim hortons afterwards. How beautiful is this?!

Pictures by Raman Gill

Instagram  & Website

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Gear: Sony A7 III; Sigma Art 35mm



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