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"I am a musician by trade and I love using music to set the atmosphere of any given moment; photography now allows me to freeze those moments so that I can go back to them and relive and experience them as many times as I would like. Well documented images always put things in perspective for me. When I look back at my own wedding photos or images of my husband and I when I'm mad or frustrated, they remind of what's important and everything we have accomplished together. I love that I can be a part of giving that to others and allow them to see their story from an outside perspective."
Nina + Johannes reached out to me on instagram because they wanted to capture the playfulness of their relationship in the snow! I immediately fell in love with the idea and imagined a fun snow date for the two of them in an environment where they could let loose and completely be themselves! We met up on a a beautiful sunny afternoon and spent an hour talking laughing and I just documented the entire thing. I played music and asked them about their relationship and how they met and everything really just fell into place from there. What I love about these images is the freedom and authenticity you see between the two of them. They clearly love each other and it’s not a shallow, swept up in the moment kind, but a strong, steady unconditional type. They know each other so well and the beautiful part is that there story isn’t your typical romantic love at first sight kind of tale. These were two friends who fell for each other when they didn’t expect it and you can see the friendship and trust in every single image. I love the movement, the playfulness and the energy I feel when looking at these images. As a new photographer who only picked up a camera a little over a year ago, this shows me the power of photography and why I love doing this. It’s not about how long you’ve been doing it; it’s about being able to capture real, authentic moments as they happen.

Pictures by Anthonette Rein

Instagram & Website 

Location: Fohramoos, Austria

Gear: Nikon D750, 35mm 1.8 lens

Preset: Beloved Classic Preset Collection 2.0



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