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"We love photography because it's not about the couple and it’s not about the photographer, it's about, what happens in between. On the photos we never only have the emotions of the couple, we always see the language and the personality of the photographer and the mood that was created by the moment, no matter if it’s about action, emotion or a sensual moment. For us it's a beautiful way to get in touch with wonderful souls and to share our time with people in a very creative way."

Another shoot. Another adventure. We knew we are in town for a couple of days. We knew we would have a shoot with those crazy beautiful people. We knew we wanted to do something special. We had struggle to find a location that would fit to the couple and to us. Franzi always wanted to shoot at tempelhof airfield for quite some time. But weekends it’s super crowded and the weather was warm and sunny. We scouted some other locations but this was a lead balloon. So we went to tempelhof. We had a couple of drinks and a little walk and just startet to shoot. Sometimes it’s good to check everything, for to get the best results. But you know, sometimes is not always. Even though we where not 100% sure about the location, we are so damn happy that we gave it a chance.

Pictures by Matthias & Franzi Pick

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Gear: Canon 5D 4 & Sigma 35 Art Polaroid One Step Plus

Location: Berlin. Tempelhofer Feld.

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