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Top Ten Of June '19
Congratulations to the following artists!
This is new! Every month we select the best ten inspiration posts that you guys have submitted to us. The following blogposts are our top ten of June '19. You want to be part of next month selection? Ok cool! Just submit your best couple or wedding photos. Please just read our submission guidelines before submitting.
Romantic Home Shooting by Tobias Tumac
As a photographer I like to put myself in the situation of the couple. It is a great pleasure to be part of the happy and lovely moments. The reason why I really enjoyed working with Vero and Flo was because they are full of life, laugh and most important, full of each others love.
Best Of June '19
Scotland Adventure by Ana Schuller
One month ago I met up with the lovely Tamar and her husband Matt in Glen Etive whilst I was roadtripping around Scotland. We spent a very lovely time together and I got to photograph them under the most beautiful skye ever. I love everything about this session! The earth tones, their amazing outfits and to me the mist and low clouds over the mountains only added to the romantic Scottish atmosphere. I am so happy with how the pictures turned out. Everything just came together perfectly!
Best Of June '19
Wedding Story by Emilija Bogdanova
Elina and Reinis only dreamed about their wedding in the Dolomites. By the way Reinis proposed to Elina there a year ago! They already started planning their wedding in Latvia, but then they saw my offer about destination weddings and they asked me if I would like to capture their special wedding story. Of course I said yes! It was my top choice for a destination wedding.
Best Of June '19
Big Love by Kay McCoy
What magnetic love Christine & Bradley share! From the first moment I had the opportunity to speak with these two love birds, I knew it would be a chance to create something so special for them to showcase their love to the world. The smell of the forest, open roads, and this kind of love is what I live for!
Best Of June '19
Intimate Couple Shooting at the Beachside by Sarah Everything Photography
I love the sea and the beaches in the Netherlands. I feel so free there. That's exactly why I wanted to do a couple shooting at the beachside. It was a piece of cake with Manon and Corstiaan. Together we strolled through the sand an enjoy the moment. We had a wonderful time with an incredibly and beautiful sunset. Kind of magical, isn't it?
Best Of June '19
Adventurous Love in the Scottish Highlands by Joanna Eliza Photography
I have known Aisling since we were 2 years old and we have been by each others side through all seasons in life. We\'ve been to France and Italy together with our families but never Scotland so this trip was long overdue. Aisling and her boyfriend Joe came to stay with us in Edinburgh and we could not miss the opportunity to go to the Highlands. We somehow narrowly missed the torrential rain covering Edinburgh and a lot of the highlands. When we arrived in Glen Etive the sun was shining, the wind had turned to a soft breeze and the water was calm.
Best Of June '19
Picnic with his girl by Sorin Sirbu
I love that they brought their dog at the photoshoot, it was the first time i photographed a couple and their dog. I loved that they were so relaxed, and it was their first photoshoot together, they wanted like a save the date because they are getting married in Octomber. We catch the perfect sunset, even if the weather was crappy those days, it was still a good day in the end. They are both from Romania, but they grow up in Canada and she moved back here with her family. He still live and work in Canada, so they'll end up there after the wedding. i loved how they said that Foxy, the cute doggo, it's going with them in Canada! Their love story is such a beautiful adventure!
Best Of June '19
Beach Shooting in Nordwijk by Vanessa Toth
On the last evening of my Netherland trip, I wanted to shoot at the beach under windy conditions. Manon and Corstiaan had time very spontaneously and made their way from Amsterdam to the beach of Noordwijk. From the moment we started shooting, I knew it was gonna be something special. Their love for one another is so evident in their laughter and the way they look at each other. They were constantly laughing, snuggling and just beeing all cute. We had so much fun running around the dunes and the beach. I hope you enjoy their love as much as I do.
Best Of June '19
Glamis Magic by McCoy Photography
The idea behind this couples session was to create a Romantic, dreamy, and dramatic vibe, with wide open space, and amazing sun kissed love. I am proud of being able to create something that is so natural, and beautiful for two people so in love! That more could you ask for! This dreamy couple is every photographers DREAM and I am so proud to have had the opportunity to create this magic with them!
Best Of June '19
Wedding in Iceland by Emilija Bogdanova
Anete and Jānis had their wedding in Latvia but they were asking me if we can take the wedding pictures at a special place. At the end we decided to go to Iceland. Together we were looking for the best spots. In one day we visited them all! Luckily the weather was amazing - warm and sunny day without rain at all. A really nice and successful day.
Best Of June '19
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