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"I love photography because it's my passion and i get the chance to do it everyday!"
I love that they brought their dog at the photoshoot, it was the first time i photographed a couple and their dog. I loved that they were so relaxed, and it was their first photoshoot together, they wanted like a save the date because they are getting married in Octomber. We catch the perfect sunset, even if the weather was crappy those days, it was still a good day in the end. They are both from Romania, but they grow up in Canada and she moved back here with her family. He still live and work in Canada, so they’ll end up there after the wedding. i loved how they said that Foxy, the cute doggo, it’s going with them in Canada! Their love story is such a beautiful adventure!

Pictures by Sorin Sirbu


Gear: Nikon D750 & 35mm 1.4

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