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"I love photography because it is a synonym of creation and sublimation. While being on my side of the lense, everything is more alive, everything is more bright, my camera is what allows me to see things differently. Now everywhere I go I see frames, colors, situations, photography is just a part of life."
Being intimate in public is not always an easy thing for everybody. What is best than kisses, cuddling and coffee at home ? I just wanted to show that love is beautiful everywhere and staying at home for a photoshoot is an option. Being at your place is also a way of showing a piece of it, and we all know how our houses, our homes represent us. This is the most powerful illustration of the expression ” home is everywhere you are”. I love play with this diffuse light that offers windows and work with reflection. As long as you have a light source, the magic can happen. Being a part of each of those stories is a great proof of trust, so I have only this to say : I am grateful for the initimacy that is putting in my hand. That is what Asulon stand for in my name. For this intimacy, this privacy, this beauty.

Pictures by Cleya Asulon


Gear: Nikon D700 & 24-70 nikon lense

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