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"I love how photography gives us room to create whatever is on our hearts. I know it is important to have a style and to somewhat stick to that style for branding and business purposes, but as artists we have to give ourselves room to evolve and grow, and I think getting into a different environment, shooting in different light, at different hours of the day, it really does expand our grasp on our art."
I absolutely love shooting after golden hour, as the sun is setting and the sky is turning a deep blue, it is one of my favourite looks as a photographer, so i was so happy to hear that Paula and Andrew were happy to shoot at this time too! I live in Edinburgh and I spend a lot of time up in the highlands travelling Scotland and shooting in the beautiful, rugged Scottish landscapes, which I absolutely love! But there is something so special about shooting in the historic city of Edinburgh, too. We did this shoot around a 5 minute walk from mine and my husband’s apartment in the city, and the cobbled streets, the water of Leith and the historic feel to the city gave these images a really cosy, moody, and intimate vibe. Paula actually grew up in this part of town, which made shooting here even more special. We started shooting along the shore, in the rain, and from there we wandered around town taking photos as we went. These two were a dream to shoot, even though it was cold and rainy (and late!) they danced in the rain and laughed and had an amazing time together. it was such a pleasure to be able to set this up and share in these moments with them.

Pictures by Tamar Willoughby

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art

Location: Edinburgh, UK

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