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"Photography is literally the career to make friends. You get to take photos and make friends along the way. Who wouldn't want that job? These two are prime examples of that. I get to meet so many new faces within photography in different states and locally that I probably would have never met if it wasn't for my camera. I am so grateful for that and to the Lord be the Glory for all of it. I am crossing paths with the most amazing people and I feel so lucky."
This is one of my 2021 couples and they are just precious. I was so excited to meet both of them. They were a bit nervous for their session which is totally normal but they could have fooled anyone. I adored working with them and capturing their love on the Blue Ridge Parkway. When choosing their location they were between going up to the mountains or staying local. I think I can speak for them by saying that they were thrilled with the decision to take a little road trip with me. The light was perfect, they were perfect and I was so thrilled to be able to send them these images. Jamie and Joe were amazing, I was just there to capture what they had. It bleeds through these photos and I love that so much.

Pictures by Stephanie Johnson

Instagram & Website

Location: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Gear: Canon Mark IV; Sigma Art 35mm, Canon 24-70mm

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