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"I love photography for authenticity, emotion, sharing and meetings."
Through this project I wanted to show how lucky we are. Lucky to live in a world where everyone is different. Luckily, there’s not this one particular kind of model anymore. Let’s embrace it. Look at these women, look at their smiles, look how free they are, look how beautiful they are. In the future I would like people to remember that this is possible. No matter your skin color, your hip size, your acne, your age, your scars, your hair, your wrinkles… It’s possible to be yourself, it’s possible to be happy, it’s possible to boost your self esteem, it’s possible to let go. And sure, it’s not always easy to be kind to yourself and to accept yourself as such because in the course of our life we ​​may encounter many obstacles. The advice of others however should not be one. Listen to yourself, take responsibility for yourself, gratify yourself, the rest will follow.

Pictures by Amandine Dirand Photographe

Location: France, Burgundy

Gear: Nikon D750

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