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"It started with love for people and good stories about the world. If we weren't wedding photographers we’d run a small cinema or shoot Christmas commercials (like the one with foxes and hedgehogs on the trampoline)! Today, through our photos, we can tell love stories. And we can't imagine a better job."
We can almost still hear „Call it magic” coming from an open-air concert under a large oak tree. And we still see colorful rugs, dried flowers, boho women wearing boho dresses. And burning candles, cosmic drinks, inconspicuous glances, those full of tears and full of tenderness. And love! Love was the most important and was everywhere. In Prissi and David, among friends and family, during moving speeches and slow songs. And we couldn\’t get out of this state of fascination with reality. Now we miss it, but at least we have pictures (and succulents, seeds, memories and new friends). It’s really great to return to this day with these few frames.

Pictures by Ewelina & Dominik Puk

Instagram & Website

Gear: CANON 5D III, Sigma Art & Canon L Lenses (35, 50, 85, 135)

Location: Kotulinskiego6, Poland

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