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"I am just going to put it out there, 2020 sucks! So much has changed in the world, however the fact that we as photographers can still give the feeling of happiness to people is dope and just reminds me why I love being a photographer."

When Rebecca and Jake contacted me about capturing some memories, we all knew pretty much straight away that we wanted to include their home on wheels ‘Jolene’ as it’s such a huge part of their life. We spent the day on the roam around Cornwall having a blast and pretty much enjoying a normal day in their life. When i delivered the photos the overwhelming feeling was happiness. Rebecca and Jake said you have somehow managed to capture us exactly as we are, its actually quite moving to see your own love story down in images.

Pictures by Gav Halse

Instagram  & Website

Location: Cornwall, UK

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV Sigma 35mm Lens

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