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"Photography is the medium that has allowed me to express myself creatively for as long as I can remember. It is in many ways a form of escapism that takes me away from the routine of day-to-day life. When I am capturing the world through the lens, it feels as if I am seeing things in their fullest potential. I still become excited and awed when I am able to capture my subjects in the cinematic, romanticized way that I often view things in my mind."
Every shoot comes with its own story. This one in particular has very early beginnings. Cori and I went to the same university and high school in a small town in Central Arkansas. We were surrounded by very conservative friend groups at this point in our lives and I can only imagine the struggle that Cori faced in having to suppress who she truly was for many years. Once she met Jess, the wait was over for her. Cori was extremely brave in coming out to her friends and family, many who did not accept her and her love for Jess. After several months, Cori moved to Washington to be with Jess and she was finally able to embrace acceptance in herself, her faith and friend group. In love with the accepting culture, gorgeous scenery, and countless opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, I moved to Washington as well a little while later. After Cori and Jess got engaged, they asked me to photograph their engagement, which was truly an honor and such a special moment! For this shoot, I wanted to truly capture the genuine love that they share for each other so that they can proudly celebrate their love in front of the world. I chose warm tones and let them interact freely together in front of the camera. We chose Discovery Park as a beautiful backdrop and as a special place to Jess, who grew up in the Washington and loves the Sound and rocky shores.

Pictures by Calli Morrison

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Gear: Nikon D750 Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4

Location: Discovery Park in Seattle, WA

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