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"I just love to capture, hold on to and cherish memories with beloved people. Every time I look at old photos it makes me happy and reminds me of these beautiful adventures and I hope I can create these feelings & memories also for my clients."

Anna, Kai and I found this place totally by accident as we spent an afternoon strolling around together in Bratislava. I was immediately inspired by the new angles and perspectives this location gave me and asked them to take a couple of photos with me. I love to try new things but I often feel stuck and not very creative under pressure or just in very similar surroundings on real client shoots. This is exactly why I need spontaneous shoots or personal projects like this one to think outside the box and get new ideas.

Pictures by Letizia Haessig

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Gear: Canon 5D mk IV & Canon 24-70mm 2.8

Location: Bratislava, Slowakei


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