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"I chose photography as an opportunity to show the world as I see it. It's a way to tell and save important stories and touch them at any time."

This story is about human beauty and strength. The girl in the photo  has an innate feature that is visible on her skin. But this does not prevent her from completely loving herself and the world. These photos show how important it is to be able to look wide and see beauty in the world around us, and not focus on just one thing. We are all beautiful regardless of our skin color and our characteristics, and these photos are proof of that.

Pictures by Kristina Dotsenko


Location: Ukraine,Odessa

Gear: Sony alpha a9 with Sony GM 24-70mm 2.8f & Sony alpha 7m3 with Sigma 85mm 1.4f

Female Model: Yulianna Yussef

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