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"I love photography because it makes you feel. It makes you feel any emotion. The sky is literally the limit. I get to create images that make people feel something and well, I really never want to stop doing it. Emotion is apart of life, it is apart of being human and I don't think we should ever run from that. Being a photographer is immersing yourself in that emotion. Best job ever."

Connection. The one thing I want someone to FEEL when looking through my work or just a general photograph. It is what I want to feel when scrolling through instagram. When you look online I think a lot of us can get caught up in what is trending and run after that when really it should be the opposite. Creatives need to be running towards finding that connection between two people. Who cares if they aren’t wearing trendy clothes. They have a story and a connection that needs to be photographed so girl, you better do it. When putting together this shoot I wanted to draw out that element of connection using water. Water, touch, smiling, all of it just tugs at my heart strings a little bit. Andrew and Chelsea were up for anything and they brought their swimsuits and we did the dang thing. Love them, love this. Definately one for the books for sure.

Pictures by Stephanie Johnson

Instagram & Website

Gear: Canon 5d Mark iv Canon 35mm

Location: Joshua Tree, Wilder Cabin


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