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Best Of January '20
Cozy sunday by Amon Barbara
"Can you explain why something is love at all? Feelings and moments that I can keep forever - When we see a picture and all emotions come back from that one moment - its priceless!"
Winter is the time when I like to leave my comfort zone to discover something new – this time it was to shoot indoor with available light. I couldn’t imagine anyone better for this, than Jakob and Stefan. The connection between two souls is so important to me – which you can see in the eyes when the sparks fly. Its so easy to work with true love – everything flows and we don’t need words to communicate! When I fall in love with my work again, it was a good day. & the cherry on top of the cream was an Aida “Punschkrapfen” – best day ever.

Pictures by Amon Barbara

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Gear: Sony Alpha 7iii Sigma Art 35mm

Location: Vienna

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Best Of January '20

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