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"Photography is fun and there is so much joy in creating even the most simple things. You don't have to be on a cliff or in Hawaii to create magic. There is magic in your literal backyard. This random studio I had no idea about was the perfect place to make this little shoot come to life. I think it is important as photographers to loop ourselves back to why we love photography and to not lose ourselves in epic locations (although those are awesome too). Remember why you started and don't lose that simplicity."
This shoot was super special because these two just ended long distance which I know they were SO ECSTATIC ABOUT. We got in a studio and just had fun. Blared music, played their Spotify playlist, and soaked in the moment. Whipped out my prism for a few of these shots and just had fun with this amazing couple and my camera. I think as photographers we can get so consumed with KILLER locations and places that will get us featured on every blog everywhere but there is so much power in simple. This studio was so simple and tucked away on a random street. This was the perfect shoot for these two and I loved seeing my vision come to life.

Pictures by Stephanie Marie Photo

Location: Virginia

Gear: Canon EOS 5d Mark IV, Canon EF 24-70mm

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