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"I love to catch the feelings of great couples in a picture and create memories forever."

We wanted to create a shooting from another planet. That it looks like a moon world. The Couple Tiger & Bambi are really open minded and started to run and dance on the field between hills of sand. When the sunset started we got a great light with the special effects of her dress with glitter. I’m sure they forgot that Lena and I was took pictures of them while they were dancing, running and kissing each other. It was a really special shooting and a nice evening together with Lena from Abbild Fotografie and the Couple Tiger & Bambi. That wasn’t our last project together I’m sure.

Pictures by Julia Nutz

Instagram & Website

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

Gear: Sony Alpha 7 III, 35 mm F1.8

Preset: Beloved Stories Earthy Collection 

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