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"My art is very personal, to me, and to my clients. I create emotional, calm, and unique images with strong human connection. My work is the evidence of my love of light, intimacy, composition, form, and space. I offer fragments of narrative, and visual evidence of the story highlighting the true human connection and raw emotion between two people. My photography is all about carefully combining different art elements to create memorable and unique images! I am obsessed with light, shadow, depth of field, texture, space, movement, composition and rhythm."
I’m a sucker for strong contrast, dark and moody images with a hint of well-thought story! This shoot was done during the darkest time in one of the darkest places on the globe. Helsinki had not seen sunlight in weeks, and this day was no exception. Luckily Wia and Manu’s apartment was located on the 5th floor, so we were able to get some light through the windows. Their small and cozy studio apartment was filled with plants, books and records. This is where their love story started to grow and they have been getting stronger ever since. And 2 weeks after the photo session they were moving out to a new place, so what better time to do a little photoshoot than now. Wia is the co-owner of Cafe Kuuma in Helsinki and Manu is a musician. Their love story started through mutual friends, and one summer evening they decided to meet up for a glass of wine. And the rest was history. The purpose for this shoot was to document this special time of their lives before starting a new chapter in a new home.

Pictures by Henna Koponen

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Gear: Canon 5 D Mark 4 Tamron 35mm 1.8 Sigma 50mm 1.4

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Presets: Julia and Gil Portrait Presets

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